About me.

I enjoy coding and design. I currently work at Spiceworks where I surround myself with very talented people to develop digital advertising experiences for companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, and HP. I use mostly front-end web technology to create these experiences as well as design tools and a little bit of back-end elbow grease to polish everything off.

I enjoy helping my local community using the skills that I have. This includes the Budget in a Box application for the City of Austin and context notes for Austin EcoNetwork. I also think it's important to give back to the tech community. I've presented on exciting tools like design patterns and Sass color functions at Spiceworks and to groups like Sass ATX and Open Austin.

In my time off, when I'm not coding away on a personal or volunteer project, you'll often find me hiking or exploring delicious food around Austin, TX.

If you want to know what I'm up to and things I find interesting please follow me on Twitter. See some of my projects on here and on Github. To learn more about my professional journey look me up on LinkedIn. Also check out my random code experiments on CodePen.

Nice to meet you!