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Civic Tech Project Canvas

Budget in a Box tablet screenshot


Coming up with ideas to improve a community is easy. Planning and implementing these ideas is not. To bridge this gap, Open Austin along with the City of Austin wanted to create a Business Model Canvas focused on Civic Tech innovation.


Our design team distilled down the Business Model Canvas into its fundamental principles and applied them to how Civic Tech projects work to create a canvas planning tool.

I helped make the use of the canvas intuitive by adding prompt questions for each section and a canvas box flow that made sense. The Problem Statement came first as it is the first thing that has to be defined before discussing solutions. Then a Solution proposition is thought out with Users and Those Impacted in mind. Lastly Logistics are planned to turn the solution in to a reality.


The Civic Tech Canvas has been used at Code Across Austin events since 2015. Its reach has also gone global with its use in other civic tech communities across the US and Japan.